Thursday, August 04, 2005

warm fuzzies

Apparently some people think this is a joke. It is not. This is not a place for negativity or evil thoughts, people – this is for us to share the utter marvelousness of our lives with the world; with people we may not reach otherwise.

Meanies will not be tolerated.

ANYWAYS, snap back to reality, shall we?

Our mother is a beautiful, strong woman. She stands about five-eleven, and has utterly stunning, long curly hair. She is, undoubtedly, the most breathtaking woman I have ever seen.

My sister and I were both lucky enough to inherit the curls and the height, but we were a bit of a disappointment because we were also fat when we were kids. Four consecutive summers at fat camp in Hamilton, Ontario fixed that – and although, by our fifteenth birthdays we were living in new, smaller bodies, it took a while for our mindsets to catch up. All that time, though, she never verbalized how frustrated she was that she had reared two sea lions instead of daughters.

On the outside, people were gushing over us. Boys were noticing. The cheerleaders wanted to be our friends; on the inside, we were still the same chubby kids. The taunts still haunted us. But I digress.

We inherited many things from our wonderful mother, things that remind us of her daily. One of those things is making lists. We both love writing lists! It makes us feel so happy and in control! And organized! And not fat! And when we do feel fat, all we have to do it write a list and it makes us feel so much better. Here’s a list I started today, entitled, “Things That Are Totally Fabulous (Besides Us)”.

the smell of the first rain in spring

strangers smiling at you in the street; bonus points if they are cute boy strangers

valentine’s day gifts, especially when I get what I want

a good whiskey sour

everything new york city

almost nothing los angeles

boys that open the door for you

1970 dom perignon

magnolia bakery

snowflakes falling on my nose

manolo, jimmy and stuart

front-row anything

back door action

sweet smelling note paper, roses, love

the beatles, chick lit and power ballads

good red wine, snuggles and teddy bears

I just got busted at work and have to go now…but I’m sure Steph has stuff to add to this list. We’ll keep it going.


Update: More Fabulous Things (by Steph)

cashmere socks

the absolute euphoria of writing something so brilliant, so piercingly true, that I can't believe I wrote it (but then, at the same, I can believe it; I'm so complex)

waking up to the sweet kisses of my adorable dog, hobbes

extra-virgin olive oil

virgin college boys

tender, fragrant spaghetti, laced with fresh basil and swirls of parm

anything juicy - pasta, pizza, or me - is always a good time

feeling needed, not needy

watching a great chick flick, and realizing that the gorgeous, empowered heroine is really just like me (except my boobs are even bigger!)

the feel of a Lanvin silk skirt swishing against the backs of my toned calves

Hermes scarves, diamond-and-platinum tennis bracelets, a glossy leather Marc Jacobs handbag with the tags still on, hanging in my closet, waiting to become a part of me

Egyptian cotton on my bare skin and Kiehl's leave-in conditioner on my damp curls

being utterly spoiled

the warmth of my Powerbook, sitting on my lap and gently vibrating as I type sxey messages to my lovers

Pam cooking spray, especially when used as a substitute for lube

and more...