Thursday, August 04, 2005

it takes two

It seems my sister has beaten me to the punch of the first post; luckily, we passed our fighting stage long ago.

I think Annie & I really bonded the first summer we went away to fat camp. Don't look so shocked. We may be thin and beautiful now, but at age ten we were the object of cruel nicknames in the playground. "Elephant" and "rhino", "walrus" and "woolly mammoth." That kind of pain can't be faced alone. Even eating isn't that enjoyable when you have to do it alone, at a dirty corner table in the cafeteria, far away from the cheerleaders. So we stuck together, like two halves of a Twix bar.

Now, after two decades of sticking together, we find ourselves apart. Annie flew to LA about a month ago and is settling into her new job there. I stayed behind with my first true love, Manhattan. It's tough being so far away from my dear twin, the second most fabulous person I know. It's especially difficult when there's no one around to tell me how good I look, or make me stop devouring that carrot cake with lemony cream cheese frosting. Still, I'm hoping this new, trendy way of keeping in touch - our blog - will make the separation easier to bear.

I'm not going to pretend I don't have selfish reasons for starting this blog, too. I need a place just for me, a sanctuary, an escape, a garbage chute. I need a place to spill my thoughts like Pinot Noir on a pristine white tablecloth. Like my sister, I've always loved to write - words fascinate me, floor me with the perfect combination, fill my stomach like a huge bowl of macaroni and cheese - and now I'm going to write, every day. To my sister, to my friends, and to all of you who are going to read this and feel my words.

I'm not going to pretend anything on this blog, actually. That's just not me. I've always been honest, open, to the point of being vulnerable. Straight up. The kind of girl who just puts herself out there without giving a phuck what anyone thinks about it. Coming clean, even about the dirty things.

Thank you for joining us on our internet journey of sisterly love and self-discovery. It's going to be fabulous, darlings.